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Welcome to Jack & Theo’s Quilting Co.


I’m Stef, the chick who runs this fun corner of the world.

Married to Brett, Momma to LK & Ollie, Fur Momma to The Kingery Zoo!

I love to make all the pretty things, but quilting has my whole heart.

It all started with a set of aprons, a birthday gift for my adorable Mother in Law, Hazel Jane. They were the aprons that launched a business and Jack & Theo’s was born!

Named after our two furry Doodle pups, they were the ones who kept my feet warm while I sewed myself silly the first few months.

Making aprons quickly turned into making pillows.
Making pillows shifted into working on kiddo rooms for some favorite families


Then the request came in: will you make me a quilt. Uhhhhh…I don’t quilt. Wouldn’t even know where to start. But never one to resist a new challenge, I was off to my local quilt shop, The Wooden Spool (you can find their online shop here). Kristina and her team were the perfect – and patient – guides to get me started.

Armed with my new knowledge, an open heart and a beginners mindset, I started my first quilt and FELL IN LOVE. Cutting, piecing, designing was all super meditative. The best part: mess something up and the stitch ripper can take it right out.
Anyone else wish they had one of those for their actual lives?

That first year I made 36 quilts! Custom quilts, chicken quilts, t-shirt & memory quilts, even turning bridesmaid dresses into a baby quilt for the bride’s newborn. I tackled it all. You can see most of that work in the Gallery section, by clicking here.

It wasn’t long before I realized that a longarm quilting machine was the only way to keep up with my growing quilting business So that’s been added to the business as well! These days I keep a schedule full of my own quilt making & longarm quilting for other fabulous quilters.


The very first quilt:

I adore taking something another quilter has pieced and adding the perfect amount of stitches to highlight their hard work.

While I do make many styles of quilts, I lean to the modern side of things. But I truly specialize in taking important memories and making them into keep forever quilts. Everything from high school shirts for the recent graduate to Army fatigues turned into a keepsake for those who loved them. Work neckties for a retirement quilt to an old wedding dress turned into a baby quilt for a grandchild. Memory quilts are such an honor to do for your loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to working together soon!

Much Love,



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