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Meadowland Custom Baby Quilt - Teagan Marie
Spiral Longarm Quilting - HandiQuilter - Jack & Theo's Quilting Co
Melissa's Quilt - Michelle Obama Becoming Tour - Obama Campaign Memory Quilt
Hand Embroidery - Jack & Theo's Quilting Co.

Hi there!

I’m Stef:  a bespoke quilt maker, specializing in memory quilts, modern baby quilts and commissioned quilt projects. Also providing machine longarm quilting to other fabulous quilters.  Love helping other makers take a project from “work-in-progress” to DONE!

Based in Central Illinois, however I make quilts and finish quilts for people from just about everywhere.  Would love to help you finish your masterpiece or create one for you.

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Stef - Jack & Theo's Quilting Co.

Longarm League Member
St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild Member - STLMQG

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